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LEVER S.A. is a company that provides Development and Efficiency Increasing Consultancy Services to the Private and Public Sector.

It is part of the SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES Group and brings together the expertise of the companies: Samaras & Associates, the largest Greek technical consulting firm.

Profiles International, a multinational leader in the selection, evaluation, and development of a high-performance workforce.

Pit Stop ASG, a company engaged in providing assessment tools and operational strategy readjustment.

Value Selling Associates, an American company that offers a methodology and sales tools and which, in the last decade, has been permanently featured among the 20 top companies in the field globally.

The group SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES which operates a "One Stop Solutions" service focused on providing integrated technical and consulting services.



We contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, by providing a complete package of all the solutions-services required for the founding, expansion and increasingly effective function of a company or organization, performed to the highest level of skill and professionalism available in the market, and the improvement of public administration by supporting the implementation of policy measures for strengthening strategic, programmatic functions and services to the citizen.



To be the market leader in providing consulting & training services in Greece and the wider Balkan area, and to contribute to the long-term successful growth of our clients by offering exceptional integrated solutions.




Mr. Theodoros Karipidis is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA degree. He is a Business Manager and Business Advisor and has many years of professional experience in the field of industrial management and consulting. He worked as CEO of TATA ELASTRON and DECO CERAMICA and as Sales and Development Manager at RANCLIN COVEY HELLAS. He has also been a procurement manager for HATZ GROUP, a manufacturer, importer and marketer of tile and sanitary ware. Since 2010, he is CEO of LEVER - Development Consultants SA, a company that provides consultancy in management, evaluation and training human resources, strategic planning, business plans funding, investment sustainability studies, and European programs funding.



Ms. Sofia Machairidou is a graduate of "International European, Economic, and Political Studies" and holds a postgraduate degree in Public Administration. From 2012, she is a member of LEVER - Development Consultants SA. She has been involved in proposal writings and submissions, and the implementation and management of national and European projects of many partners. She has great experience in managing, communicating and coordinating many partners from different countries, in communicating with Institutions and Managing Authorities, in managing administrative issues and monitoring projects and financial management. She also has experience in organizing and coordinating events, workshops, and meetings. Finally, she has experience in human resource management, both as a project manager, as well as a member of the consulting group.



Ms. Polina Daskaloudi is a graduate of the University of Macedonia at the School of «Business Administration» and holds a postgraduate degree in «Business Administration (MBA), in Accounting and Auditing». She has more than 15 years of professional experience in the financial management of projects in the public and private sectors. Over the past 12 years, she has worked in consulting companies as a financial manager for many co-funded European transnational/interregional/ cross-border projects. She is responsible for preparing financial reports, costs certification, keeping accounts with financial data, checking financial data of other partners, submitting reports for certification, allocating installments to project partners.



Mr. Polykarpos Karkavitsas is a graduate Engineer in Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Regional Development, the University of Thessaly with postgraduate studies in the Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, on "Organization Planning and System Management". During his internship, he worked at the Magnesia Development Company (ANEM SA) and at the International Research Center for the Eastern Mediterranean for Transport (DEKAMM), in subjects such as Strategic and Business Planning, space organization, design of transport systems. He has more than ten years of experience in supporting public organization, in Technical Support Consultant projects and Strategic and Business planning projects, in the implementation of projects and studies to support and develop entrepreneurship, the organization of promotional and dissemination events, in Development Studies, in Traffic and Parking Studies, in the policy planning for the regional and local development of the space, etc. He also has experience as a project team leader in the design, submission, management, and implementation of projects from various European Programmes such as South East Europe, Leader, INTERREG (Greece-Albania, Greece-Macedonia, Greece - Italy, Greece-Bulgaria), Black Sea, LIFE, and HORIZON 2020. Since 2014 he is the Head of the public sector department of LEVER.



Mr. Kleanthis Laloudakis, is a Graduate Urban Planner - Spatial Engineer of the University of Thessaly with a Master of Science (MSc) in Urban and Regional Planning from the London School of Economics & Political Sciences (RICS Accredited) / Department of Geography & Environment. In addition, he has general and special experience (over 10 years) in projects of Technical Support Consultant and Strategic - Business planning projects. He has worked as a site manager in a variety of technical projects (buildings, sports, infrastructure, etc.), head of quality department and auctions, as an external consultant in the preparation of Regional and Sectoral Business Programs for PP 2014 - 2020, development and exploitation of real estate, in the development action, in the preparation of projects to be included in the ESPA, in urban and regional development studies, etc. He also has experience in supporting and providing technical assistance to agencies in development planning and the preparation of operations under ESPA 2007-2013 and 2014 - 2020. His knowledge, due to the nature of the Department of Spatial Planning and Regional development, is interdisciplinary and wide-ranging (statistics, architectural design, financial object, strategic planning, administrative skills, etc.). He handles PC with great comfort, having knowledge of both system / network settings as well as knowledge of a variety of professional software and speaks and handles English at a very good level both written and spoken. He has been a member of Lever A.E. since January 2018 in the sales department but also as a member of a project team offering Consulting services in various projects.