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The National Gas Grid (high pressure) has been developed in the Eastern part of Greece, so currently it is not possible to supply gas to Western Greece through the Grid.

The project to develop a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) station, to supply fuel to NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) in the city of Ioannina, by transporting gas by road, using gas transport trucks from existing grid interconnected stations from Thessaloniki is considered as a start to cover various energy needs, using natural gas, at areas non-grid interconnected, giving new energy options to consumers and increasing the NG consumption in the country.

The location selected for the station is the Ioannina Public Transport buses depot. The selection was made for two reasons, which are: its proximity both to the national road (Egnatia Highway - network and the Ioannina city center as well as the strong desire of the organization running Ioannina Public Transport services to convert gradually their fleet to NGVs.


πρατηριο ιωαννινων 


The Public Transport of Ioannina County Company, which is based at 8 Tharipa Rd. Ioannina and has a branch (bus depot) at Koublies Pedinis Ioanninon, was established back in 1952 and since then offers public transport services in the wider area of Ioannina. Recently the Company has also entered the advertising and tourism business.

Public Transport of Ioannina operates 60 vehicles with the objective of transportation of passengers, throughout the wider area of the city of Ioannina. Having served hundreds of thousands of passengers to this date, Ioannina Public Transport continues to offer high-quality services while modernizing and continually adapting its services to match the latest EU safety standards.


The method of transportation of CNG, by road, to supply non-grid interconnected areas, is widely used worldwide and is widespread in Europe and North America. The technology that supports this method is mature and constantly evolving, offering the possibility of supplying Natural Gas through the use of CNG, with suitable transport equipment (special tanks on trailers).

The project concerns, except for the establishment of a CNG service station in the city of Ioannina, the installation of equipment in existing filling stations in Thessaloniki (priority panels) for the filling of CNG tanks and the transportation (via third party services) of compressed natural gas from the city of Thessaloniki to Ioannina, with the use of special transport equipment (CNG Trailers).

This process is called a mother-daughter station (see diagram) where the parent station is connected to the mains gas grid and with the use of suitable compressors it fills the gas storage cylinders (cylinders that are interconnected together as a single "storage bank") on the transport trailer. The trailer is then transported by road to the “daughter” station where it is connected to booster compressors which ensure that the high pressure of the gas is maintained at a constant level for the supply of vehicles powered by NG.


In the grounds of the Bus depot, where there is already refueling infrastructure for diesel fuel-powered buses, the following works are required:

  • Installation of two booster compressors to ensure the supply of gas to natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs) at constant high pressure
  • Installation of two dispensers for the supply of gas to natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and measurement of the delivered (and sold) quantity of gas

Installation of a CNG buffer stock between the compressors and dispensers.

  • Space for parking and interconnection manifold, for the gas supply of the station of up to three CNG trailers
  • Upgrade of the power grid substation to support increased power demand of the CNG compressors
  • Infrastructure: piping, sheds, modification of the existing electrical installation, fire detection, etc.


ten t Ioannina 








Jul.- Aug. 2017


Application Study

June 2017 – Feb. 2018


Supply of Booster Compressors and Dispensers

Feb. 2018


Supply of CNG Steel Cylinders bank in a 40 ft. Container frame (1 pc.)

June 2018


Construction works

Νov. 2017 – Jan. 2019


Installation works for compressors, dispensers and other infrastructure

Apr. 2018 – May 2019


Upgrading of power supply

July 2018


Operation permit

May 2019


Supply of CNG Steel Cylinders bank in a 40 ft. Container frame (2 pcs.)

1st QT 2020

Note: The procurement of equipment and the work carried out after the 9th 2017 are covered by the TEN-T program.

 Equipment will have the following specification:



40 ft. (approx. 12 m)

Weight (Gross)

28.000 Kg

No. of Cylinders

7 pcs

NGas Weight  (Net)

3.838 kg




3 m x 1,6 m x 3,2 m

INPUT  PRESSURE (from CNG trailer)


30 bar min.

200 bar max.


400 m3/h - 2.600 m3/h


200 bar

The actions and works involved in the establishment of a CNG for transport sales outlet in

Ι. Supply of equipment:

  • Two (2) Booster Compressors and two (2) CNG Dispensers,
  • Buffer stock
  • Two (2) ISO Containers with steel tubes,
  • Equipment and S/W for network connection of Ioannina station with the operations control center at Anthousa (Attica) Station.

ΙΙ. Construction of the station:

  • Works for upgrading the electric power connection of the Bus Depot station of Ioannina Public Transport,
  • Internal installation works at the station (cabling, piping, support bases, etc),
  • Installation of compressors and peripheral equipment.
  • Construction of parking spaces and interconnection for the CNG Trailers

ΙΙΙ. Other activities:

  • Studies,
  • Building permit,
  • Issue of Founding and operating license of the Station

The upgrading of the two existing stations at Thessaloniki (priority panels) will be included at a separate action which lies with the implementation of the CEF (TEN-T) action.

The commercial operation of the station started in the summer of 2019.